Kapten White Salmiak Extra Strong Snus Portion


Kapten White Salmiak Extra Strong Portion with a taste of salmiak.

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20 Pouches
15 mg/g Nicotine
3.49 € per can


Kapten, manufactured by AG Snus, is recognized as one of the best brands on the market today and it’s no wonder; five generations of Swedish snus making expertise has surely contributed to the success of the Kapten Brand! Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White Portion snus bears the traditional rich and robust tobacco flavor you can expect from an original Swedish snus combined with the salty licorice flavor of salmiak. As you open a can of Kapten Salmiak, you can smell the bittersweet and salty aroma of salmiak black licorice. As its name may have it, Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong comes in at an extra powerful nicotine strength of 15mg/g. In terms of format, Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong Portion White is a modern snus, packed into a soft fabric-like unmoisturized portion pouch, offering the convenience of a precise ready-made prilla and eliminating the messiness and difficulty some may experience with a loose snus. The white pouch extends your snus experience beyond what can be expected from an original portion and offers a dryer beginning with less runniness. Kapten Salmiak Extra Strong White offers you the best of both worlds: The tobacco-centric taste of a traditional snus combined with the fragrant taste of salty salmiak in a ready-to use modern white portion pouch. Get yours today and enjoy one of the best traditional Swedish snus on the market!