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Experience the intense satisfaction of Killa Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches. Manufactured by Sweden’s NGP Empire, Killa’s tobacco-free pouches come in an array of irresistible flavours, each packed with a potent 24mg/g nicotine content. Killa’s sleek can design, comfortable slim fit and exceptional quality have made it a world-renowned brand, favoured among discerning nicopod users. Buy Killa today, available at Snusline, and join the growing global fanbase.

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16 mg/g Nicotine
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Killa Cola Extra Strong Details

Brand : Killa
Nicotine content : 16 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Cola
Strength : Extra Strong


Killa Cola Strong Description

A Taste of Sweden – The Killa Brand

Revolutionising the nicotine experience, Killa Cola Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches, a product of Sweden’s NGP Empire, stand as a beacon of quality in the world of nicopods. As one of the globally preferred brands, Killa serves a delicious variety of extra strong nicotine pouches. Every Killa product, from its innovative can design to its slim and comfortable pouches, is a testament to a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Killa, packing a serious nicotine punch, is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s exactly what experienced nicotine users are after.

Savour the Flavours – Killa’s Delightful Assortment

Recognizing the wide range of tastes that our customers possess, we at Snusline curate an exceptional assortment of flavours. Starting off, we provide six distinct Killa varieties that cater to various preferences. These include the intense Killa 13 Extreme, refreshing Cola, icy Cold Mint, juicy Melon, zesty Spearmint, tangy Watermelon, and the crisp X-Cold Mint.

Interestingly, out of these choices, the Killa Cola Extreme holds a special place due to its delightful rendition of the classic cola taste. Not only does it deliver a caramelized sweetness, but it also ensures that there’s no trace of bitterness left behind.

Furthermore, each Killa pouch, crafted from soft plant-based fibres, serves as your passport to an unparalleled nicotine journey. Experience the extraordinary with every pouch.

Feeling the Kick – Killa’s Nicotine Strength

Unwavering in their potency, all Killa flavours indeed reside in the ‘extra strong’ category. Each holds a robust 24mg/g of nicotine, which equates to 12mg per individual portion. Consequently, if your online search includes ‘killa extra strong’, it’s clear that you seek a quick and intense nicotine kick. In response to this, Killa nicotine pouches deliver exactly what you’re seeking. They act promptly, assuring a powerful release of nicotine to meet even the most intense cravings.

Undercover Operation – Killa’s Discreet Portions

Crafted with a sleek profile, Killa snus pouches are slim and all-white, offering a discreet and comfortable fit. Additionally, their thoughtful design ensures an immediate nicotine release. Consequently, these features make them an ideal choice for experienced nicotine users. Furthermore, with Killa, you can maintain a low-key approach to your nicotine use while still not compromising on the intensity of the experience.

Killa Cola: Sip a Soda 

The ‘Killa Cola’ variant is a favourite among our customers. It combines the familiar taste of cola with a hint of mint, creating a refreshing and unique snus flavour. Killa Cola contains high nicotine content but zero tobacco, using plant-based cellulose instead. The taste is intriguing, providing a pleasant sensation that lasts.

Smile Bright – Killa’s Tooth-Friendly Formula

In the course of enjoying your regular use of Killa nicopods, one key advantage becomes clear: there’s no concern over teeth discoloration. This is primarily due to the all-white pouch design. Consequently, you can indulge in your ‘killa nicotine pouches’ without the slightest worry. Essentially, your smile retains its gleaming shine even as you relish the potent nicotine experience. Ultimately, Killa allows for a seamless blend of pleasure and aesthetics.

Legal and Loved – Killa in Europe

Curious about the legality of snus in the UK or the rest of Europe? Well, rest assured! Indeed, all nicotine pouches, Killa Cola included, are perfectly legal. Consequently, Killa Cola has risen to become one of our top-selling products, particularly in countries like the France, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. No doubt, its popularity is no surprise given its unique flavour and high-quality standards.

Killa Cola: the Users’ Verdict – Customer Reviews

Our customers attest to the superior cola flavour and the potent nicotine yield of Killa Cola, making it one of the most sought-after nicopods. Its powerful kick appeals especially to experienced nicotine pouch and snus users. Enjoy the ease of using KILLA nicopods: place a pouch between your gums and your upper lip, and let the nicotine work its magic.

The Healthy Alternative

With Killa, you can bid goodbye to cigarettes and vaping, while maintaining a strong nicotine kick. For those looking to ‘buy nicopods online,’ Killa pouches are a great place to start. Jump on the Killa bandwagon today and join the global rave!


Nicotine, Water, Fillers (E460), xanthan gum (E415), aromas, humectant (E1520), Salt, Acidity regulator (E500)

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