Killa Cold Mint Extra Strong Nicopods


Experience the power of Killa Cold Mint Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches. These Sweden-made nicopods, crafted by NGP Empire, deliver a potent nicotine hit. With a unique slim-fit design and high quality standards, Killa stands out among its competitors. Perfect for those seeking a tobacco-free alternative and still crave an intense nicotine kick!

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16 mg/g Nicotine
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Killa Cold Mint Extra Strong Details

Brand : Killa
Nicotine content : 16 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Mint
Strength : Extra Strong


Killa Cold Mint Strong Description

Killa snus, a global frontrunner in nicotine pouch brands, has made waves with their Killa Cold Mint variant. Synonymous with quality and innovation, Killa’s stylish slim-fit can design houses powerful nicotine pouches, offering a superior alternative to traditional tobacco snus. Particularly loved by seasoned users, Killa Cold Mint delivers an icy, invigorating punch of nicotine, far surpassing the power suggested by its mg content. This is what sets Killa apart – the brand’s commitment to delivering an intense, satisfying experience with every pouch.

Invigorating Taste and Flavor – Killa Cold Mint

Embrace the sensation of an arctic gale of minty delight fused with an intense nicotine hit. That’s the distinctive profile of Killa Cold Mint. A world-renowned bestseller among nicotine pouches, Killa Cold Mint has earned its reputation through a blend of impeccable taste and potent nicotine delivery.

Every pouch unfurls an icy wave of invigorating mint. It’s a sensation akin to biting into a fresh peppermint leaf, as cool notes weave their way across your palate, leaving an invigorating aftertaste that lingers pleasingly. The minty freshness is nuanced, imparting a satisfyingly crisp finish that cleanses your palate and leaves a whole-mouth clean sensation.

But the Killa pouch isn’t merely about the exhilarating flavor. Simultaneously, it delivers a potent nicotine punch, providing a robust 16 mg/g. The immediate onset of nicotine makes Killa Cold Mint a choice selection for those who desire a strong hit, all while immersing themselves in the icy, minty refreshment.

Whether you’re a veteran of the nicopods world or an adventurous newcomer seeking a high-impact experience, tis tobacco free portion offers an exceptional journey into the realm of intense, refreshing flavor and powerful nicotine delivery.

Mighty Nicotine Strength

Indeed, Killa Cold Mint nicopods are not designed for the faint-hearted. Initially, they come loaded with an impressive extra-strong nicotine content of 24mg/g. Subsequently, this translates into a whopping 12mg of nicotine meticulously packed into each slim, plant-based fiber pouch.

Are you on a quest to quit traditional tobacco products like cigarettes and vaping? If so, the next step in your journey could be Killa Cold Mint. Ultimately, it delivers the extra-strong nicotine kick you’re after, providing an effective and satisfying alternative. The transition to Killa Cold Mint could be the change you’ve been seeking, making your move away from traditional tobacco products not only possible but pleasurable.

Sleek Portion Format

Starting with the cool can design, Killa captures attention right off the bat. Coupled with its comfortable slim fit, these pouches seamlessly slip under your lip, ensuring maximum discretion. But, that’s not all; the all-white pouches are ready to release a potent burst of nicotine swiftly and efficiently.

Moreover, a unique selling point for Killa’s nicotine pouches is their tobacco-free content. This, together with the all-white format, brings about additional benefits. Not only do they eliminate the common issue of stained teeth, but they also ensure you maintain fresh breath with every use.

So, whether you’re an experienced user or a newcomer to the world of nicopods, Killa presents a fresh and stylish approach to enjoying your nicotine in a cleaner, more efficient manner.

Praises from the Crowd – Customer Reviews

In the UK, where snus is not only legal but also widely embraced, and throughout Europe, the popularity of Killa nicotine pouches is unmistakable. Not merely settling as another name in the market, Killa has carved a distinct niche for itself.

Transitioning to the actual product, Killa Cold Mint, it masterfully amalgamates quality and comfort. Yet, it doesn’t just stop there. The product proudly flaunts a high nicotine content, offering consumers a satisfying punch.

Moreover, despite offering such immense value, it doesn’t dig deep into your pockets. Priced excellently, Killa Cold Mint has risen to the forefront as one of the most affordable snus varieties in the market.

Ultimately, the combination of these remarkable attributes has led Killa Cold Mint to be loved and chosen by customers across the board, further cementing Killa’s position as a leading name in the snus world.

Ditch the Spit – Snus Use

“Do you spit snus?” is a frequently asked question for those making their foray into the realm of smokeless tobacco. It’s an understandable concern, especially given the traditional practices associated with other types of smokeless tobacco. However, Killa’s innovative approach provides a refreshing answer. With Killa, particularly the popular Killa Cold Mint, there’s absolutely no need for spitting. Why? These pouches are completely tobacco-free, meticulously crafted with nicotine and plant-based fibers.

The process is straightforward: you simply place a pouch between your gums and your upper lip. There’s no need for biting or sucking on the pouch, an often off-putting aspect for novices to the world of snus. The potent active substances within the pouch start to release and permeate in your mouth, offering a powerful, refreshing minty experience.

This effortless, clean process eliminates the need for spitting, providing users with a seamless, enjoyable snus experience. This is a significant part of Killa’s appeal, and it shows their commitment to revolutionizing the snus market by providing user-friendly, high-quality products.

Time to Buy Nicopods Online

Ready for a minty fresh and powerfully potent snus experience? Buy Killa Cold Mint and other Killa varieties online, such as Killa 13 Extreme, Cola, Melon, Spearmint, Watermelon, and X-Cold Mint. Don’t miss out on what all the rave is about, get yours today!



Nicotine, Water, Fillers (E460), xanthan gum (E415), aromas, humectant (E1520), Salt, Acidity regulator (E500)

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