Knox Strong Portion Snus

Knox Strong Portion Snus from Skruf, with a robust tobacco taste.

14 mg/g
6.99 6.99 € per can (you save 0 €)
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Knox Strong Portion, by Skruf, is a powerful tobacco-centric snus with a dark and rich tobacco taste complemented by a flavor of bergamot with notes of spice and herbs. Skruf has succeeded in developing a quality value brand in Knox without compromising the strong, traditional taste of their snus. In that aspect, Knox appeals not only to the budget-conscious market but to all in search of an authentic taste in all formats and strengths. Knox Strong portion snus is not overly moist and will not run like other original portion snus. Knox Strong comes in at a powerful nicotine strength and will give you a long lasting flavor throughout. Get some today and enjoy a high quality snus at an unbeatable price!