Kronan Stark Original Portion Snus

Kronan Stark Portion: A strong, dark tobacco flavored large portion snus with hints of citrus and violet.

Best before date 19/10/2022 – very well preserved

24 pouches
15 mg/g
0,9 g
3.59 3.59 € per can (you save 0 €)


Kronan Stark Original Portion Snus is a strong portion snus with a robust tobacco flavor and hints of violets. A herbal taste and notes of citrus can also be discerned in the background and contribute to the complex flavor profile of this unique snus. Priced to please, Swedish Match does not compromise the quality of Kronan Portion snus. Kronan has a high moisture content and releases its flavor and powerful nicotine strength rapidly and effectively. The large regular portion fits comfortably under the lip and has a long lasting flavor. Kronan Stark portion has a salty dill pickle taste with its citrus and herbs flavorings. Buy your Kronan snus today and enjoy a distinctive and flavorful strong portion snus for an affordable price.