LD 30 White Portion Swedish Snus

LD 30 White Portion Swedish Snus with a citrus taste

10 mg/g
1 g
5.49 5.49 € per can (you save 0 €)


LD 30 White Portion snus is a traditional Swedish snus with a mellow tobacco character and yet has one major difference: there are a whopping 30 portions per can! Sure, there’s no catchlid, but getting 30 portions in a single can may be quite worth the sacrifice. LD 30’s sweet and tangy strong citrus flavor of bergamot balanced by the spiciness of black pepper, also has just the right amount of saltiness. The white portion pouch will provide you with a soft and comfortable snus experience and a low runniness. LD 30 white portions are not as stuffed as the original portions, and although the nicotine level sits at 10mg/g, the strength per portion is at 8mg. If you want to compare to LD White portion, this one feels a little stronger but still remains within the regular strength range. Get some today and benefit from 30 portions per can of classical Swedish snus!