LD Original Strong Portion Swedish Snus

LD Portion Strong Swedish Snus to a very flavorful snus experience

Best before date 07/06/2022 – very well preserved

14 mg/g
1 g
5.49 5.49 € per can (you save 0 €)


LD Original Strong Portion snus, manufactured by Nordic Snus, is a traditional Swedish snus with a mellow tobacco character. The bold black can encloses some really moist classical Swedish snus portions. You can smell the sweet aroma and taste the tangy citrus flavor of bergamot in every moist portion, balanced by a touch of salt and pepper. Feel the comfort in the moist portion as it sits in your upper lip and releases the powerful flavor and 14mg/g nicotine kicks almost instantly. If you enjoy the classical bergamot flavor of traditional Swedish snus, and want a quality snus at an affordable price, LD Original Strong Portion Snus should definitely be part of your line up.