LD Salmiak White Portion Swedish Snus

LD Salmiak White Portion Swedish Snus with a salty licorice taste

10 mg/g
1 g
5.49 5.49 € per can (you save 0 €)


LD Salmiak White Portion snus, manufactured by Nordic Snus, is a salty black licorice flavored snus with a delicious herbal anise flavor and a saltiness typical of the nordic salmiak treat. It has a mellow tobacco character and a subtle peppery tone. LD Salmiak White Portion has moistened tobacco in every pouch, however the unmoistened pouch is dry allowing a slower, more efficient release of nicotine contents and flavor and extending your nicotine experience beyond what can be expected from LD Salmiak (original) portion snus. The white portion pouch is soft and comfortable under the lip. If you enjoy the taste of salty black licorice and want a quality snus at an affordable price, get some LD Salmiak White Portion Snus and you won’t regret it!