Lenny’s Cut Loose Snus

Lennys Cut Loose Snus with traditional snus taste of tobacco.

Best before date 13/07/2022 – very well preserved

9 mg/g
3.99 3.99 € per can (you save 0 €)


Lenny’s Loose Snus is a traditionally flavored Swedish snus with a nice tobacco character and a mild floral presence. It has a taste of bergamot like all traditional Swedish snus and is named after Lenny, the GN Tobacco factory manager, who mixed it from a variety of fine tobacco blends. If you enjoy tobacco-centric snus with a mild tobacco taste, then you’ll really enjoy Lenny’s. Lenny’s Loose snus is a straight-forward, fine-ground, traditionally flavored snus that is best packed with an IceTool. Make Lenny’s Loose part of your snus routine and enjoy a great flavored snus in a loose format.