Lundgrens Fjällen White Portion Snus


Discover Lundgrens Fjällen, a peak snus experience inspired by Sweden’s majestic mountains. Enjoy a well-rounded, robust tobacco flavor enriched with unique hints of mountain herbs and berries in each portion. Indulge in the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with Lundgrens Fjällen White Portion Snus, and elevate your snus experience to new heights.

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10 mg/g Nicotine
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Lundgrens Fjällen White Portion

Brand : Lundgrens
Nicotine content : 10 mg/g
Type : White portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Mint and Mountain Flowers
Strength : Medium

Lundgrens Fjällen White Portion Description

Experience the taste of the breathtaking Swedish mountains, known as Fjällen, in every portion of Lundgrens Fjällen White Portion Snus. Part of the traditional Lundgren’s snus collection, this product is a homage to the vibrant flora of Sweden’s northern and southern regions.

The Inspiration

The captivating aroma and flavors of Lundgrens Fjällen Snus are inspired by Fjällen’s indigenous mountain cloudberries and rich flora. The taste of dark tobacco pairs seamlessly with the tart sweetness of Swedish cloudberries to offer a unique, mildly tasting snus experience that is distinctly Lundgrens.

High-Quality Manufacturing

Fielder & Lundgrens, the manufacturer of Lundgrens snus, utilizes ecological EKO tobacco in the production of Lundgrens Fjällen White Portion. This high-quality tobacco confers a clear and distinct tobacco character to this Swedish snus, placing it a notch above the rest.

Lundgrens Fjällen : Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of Lundgrens Fjällen is reminiscent of fresh-cut white mountain flowers and pine, invoking the beautiful views of the Swedish mountains. This snus blends the robust flavor of dark tobacco with the tartly sweet taste of Swedish cloudberries, creating a balanced and enjoyable snus experience.

Portion and Strength

Lundgrens Fjällen White Portion comes in a perforated white pouch that allows a quicker release of flavor compared to a non-perforated white portion. It also lasts longer than a regular portion. With a nicotine content of 10 mg/g, it falls within the regular strength level. This Oral Tobacco fits perfectly and comfortably under the lip as a large portion.

Innovation and Tradition

Lundgrens is renowned for blending tradition and innovation, as exemplified by their Flexlid technology. This allows you to store more used portions in your catch lid. Experience a taste of the Swedish mountains and their delicious cloudberries with this White Portion Snus today.

The Journey Across Sweden

Lundgrens seeks inspiration for its snus flavors across Sweden. This journey has brought you Norrland, Skåne, Västkusten, and now Fjällen. The cloudberry was central in creating this Smokeless Tobacco, resulting in a fresh, sour taste with a light bitterness.

Perforated Portion Bags

Lundgren’s revolutionary perforated portion bags deliver rapid flavor and nicotine release. With Lundgren’s Fjällen, you get these popular bags and a sour, slightly sweet taste of cloudberries, along with Lundgren’s typical tobacco character. This perfect marriage of flavors creates a mild, long-lasting taste experience you’ll want to revisit time and again.

The Success Story

Once a limited edition product known as Lundgren’s Kebnekaise, Lundgrens Fjällen was revived due to its popularity. It is now a permanent product at Fiedler and Lundgren, testament to the quality and unique flavor profile it offers.

Lundgrens Fjällen White Portion Snus Online

Discover a unique Swedish snus with a taste of tobacco and cloudberries. Shop Lundgrens Fjällen White Portion Snus online and experience a quality snus from Fiedler & Lundgren that comes in perforated bags for a faster, more efficient release of flavors. Enjoy the nicotine content of 10mg/g and embark on a flavor journey inspired by the Swedish mountains.


Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Moisture preserving substance, Agent (E1520), Acidity Regulator (E501), Flavors

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