Lundgrens Skåne White Portion Snus

Lundgrens Skåne White Portion snus with “perforated” portions. Allows aromas from the Tobacco to be released in a new way.

Best before date 26/09/2022 – very well preserved

10 mg/g
0.9 g
5.29 5.29 € per can (you save 0 €)


The Lundgren’s collection is a traditional snus inspired by the flora of Sweden’s northern and southern regions. Lundgren’s Skåne is the southernmost swedish region and inspires the traditional aromas and flavors in Lundgren’s Skåne snus. Manufactured by Fielder & Lundgrens, the high quality ecological tobacco, grown in Fjälkinge, Skåne is used to manufacture Lundgren’s Skåne White and gives this snus a clear and distinct tobacco character. Lundgren’s Skåne variety perfectly blends the clear tobacco flavor with tones of Swedish forest wildberries, herbal undertones and pine. Lundgren’s Skåne White portion has a nicotine content of 13mg/g making it a strong snus. The perforated white pouch allows the flavor and nicotine to be released almost instantly and still last longer than a regular portion. Lundgren’s Skåne White portion fits perfectly and comfortably under the lip. Also, Lundgren’s Flexlid technology allows you to store much more in your catch lid. Explore the coniferous forests of Skåne Sweden with this traditional snus today!