Lundgrens Västkusten Portion Snus


Lundgrens West Coast has been inspired by the west coast with a taste of rosehips and heather!

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24 Pouches
10 mg/g Nicotine
0.9 g Weight/Pouch
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The Lundgren’s Västkusten collection is a traditional snus inspired by Sweden’s West Coast region. Västkusten ’s flora inspire the traditional aromas and flavors in Lundgren’s Västkusten snus. Manufactured by Fielder & Lundgrens, the ecological tobacco, called EKO tobacco, used to manufacture Lundgren’s is widely responsible for the high quality of Lundgren’s Västkusten White Portion and gives this snus a clear and distinct tobacco character. The aroma in Lundgren’s Västkusten is that of the West Coast’s earthy cliffs and flora. The flavor has notes of citrus blended beautifully with heather and rose hips mixed with a nice salty balance and a subtle sweetness. Västkusten mild tasting floral elements and tobacco tones give this Swedish snus its unique character. Lundgren’s Västkusten White portion has a nicotine content of 10 mg/g placing it at the regular strength level. The perforated white pouch allows the flavor to be released sooner than in a non-perforated white portion but lasts longer than a regular portion. Lundgren’s Västkusten White fits perfectly and comfortably under the lip as a large portion.  Also, Lundgren’s Flexlid technology allows you to store much more in your catch lid. Go on an adventure and explore Sweden’s West Coast with its aromatic traditional Swedish snus today!