Lyft Slim Berry Frost Mellow White Portion

Lyft Slim Berry Frost Mellow White Portion, 6 mg/g nicotine and tobacco free with a fruity and mint taste.

4 mg/g
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Lyft Slim Berry Frost All White Nicotine Pouches release a mild minty fresh smell and a fruity sweetness from every pouch. Lyft Berry has a mellow menthol cooling effect and a mix of tropical and berry flavors. Lyft Berry Frost nicotine pouches are tobacco-free and are made from natural plant resins, namely eucalyptus and pine fiber. Brought to you by Fiedler and Lundgren, the makers of Epok, Lyft can be referred to as its tobacco free version. Lyft Berry slim is a little lighter than a regular strength nicotine pouch, with 6mg/g of nicotine. Aside from providing you with a comfortable and discreet fit, Lyst mint pouches will keep your teeth looking white since they are “all white” and tobacco-free. As can be expected from an all white pouch, the nicotine and flavor release of Lyft All White Portion Nicotine Pouches is gradual and will extend the delicious flavor and nicotine in this tobacco-free pouch well beyond what you can expect from an original portion. With an array of fruity and minty flavors that vary from mild to icy cold and mellow to extra strong nicotine strengths, Lyft assures an optimal nicotine and flavor experience for every pallet and strength preference.