Lyft/Velo Slim Mint White Portion

Lyft/Velo Slim Mint White Portion, New name, same product: 6 mg/g nicotine and tobacco free with a mint taste.

Best before date 17/08/2022 – very well preserved

6 mg/g
6.49 6.49 € per can (you save 0 €)
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Lyft has changed its name to Velo! Make no mistake, other than the name and the appearance of the can, which has gone through a few gradual transformations,  it’s still the exact same product. Though it’ll take some getting used to, we will make the switch and refer to Lyft as Velo from now on. Velo Slim Mint Nicotine Pouches do not contain tobacco and are therefore not snus.  They do, however give the feeling of a tobacco-free snus portion in the sense that they are packed in soft material portions and are placed under the lip for nicotine satisfaction.   Velo Slim Mint All White Nicotine Pouches have a balanced mint taste. The sweetness of spearmint and the cooling freshness of peppermint blend into a refreshing mint taste. You can feel a nice burning sensation, probably due to the stronger peppermint, without an overpowering sweetness. The minty flavors are released through the soft all-white nicotine pouches at a slow and even pace. Velo nicotine pouches by Fiedler and Lundgren, the makers of Epok, are tobacco-free and are made from natural plant resins, namely eucalyptus and pine fiber. Brought to you by the same manufacturers as Epok, Lyft can be referred to as its tobacco-free version. Velo Slim Mint is at the regular strength level for nicotine and packs a nice kick together with a delicious sweet n’ sour lime taste. Velo All White Nicotine pouch’s slim format is comfortable and discreet and will keep your teeth looking white, thanks to their “all white” and tobacco-free formula. With an array of fruity and minty flavors that vary from mild to icy cold and mellow to extra strong nicotine strengths, Lyft assures an optimal nicotine and flavor experience for every pallet and strength preference.