Lyft/Velo Winter Chill Extra Strong Slim Portion Nicotine Pouches

Lyft/Velo Winter Chill X-Strong Slim Portion – New name, same product: ✅ Wintergreen/Mint taste ⏳ Free Shipping ✈ ✅ Best snus

16 mg/g
0.7 g
6.49 6.49 € per can (you save 0 €)


Lyft has changed its name to Velo! Make no mistake, other than the name and the appearance of the can, which has gone through a few gradual transformations,  it’s still the exact same product. Though it’ll take some getting used to, we will make the switch and refer to Lyft as Velo from now on.  Velo Winter Chill Slim All White Portion Nicotine Pouches are like a breath of chilly winter air. They combine the fresh, cool sensation of menthol with the tasty creaminess of wintergreen and offer a sophisticated twist on icy fresh mint flavored snus. Brought to you by the same manufacturers as Epok, Velo can be referred to as its tobacco free version. Nevertheless, Velo Winter Chill X-Strong will grant you extra strong nicotine kicks thanks to its 16mg/g of nicotine strength. The all white nicotine pouch is made from eucalyptus and pine fibers and guarantees your teeth will not stain as a result of using this tobacco free all white pouch. You can expect a comfortable and discreet fit with the whole line of Velo products as their portion formats are all slim, making these nicotine pouches completely indiscernible under your lip. As can be expected from an all white pouch, the nicotine and flavor release of Velo Winter Chill Slim All White Portion Nicotine Pouches is gradual and will extend the delicious flavor and nicotine in this tobacco free pouch well beyond what you can expect from an original portion. With an array of fruity and minty flavors that vary from mellow to icy cold and weak to extra strong nicotine strengths, Velo assures an optimal nicotine and flavor experience for every pallet and strength preference.