Nordic Spirit Elderflower Nicotine Pouches

Nordic Spirit elderflower Nicotine Pouches Free Tobacco

9 mg/g
0.9 g
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Nordic Spirit Elderflower nicopods, by Nordic Snus AB, are part of the Nordic Spirit line of flavored nicotine pouches. Like many nicotine pouches, they come in a slim format and the pouch material is made of plant-based materials that give them a white, clean and soft texture. Nordic Spirit Elderflower nicopods feel quite enjoyable under the lip and release the strong nicotine content and mild taste of elderflower in a gentle manner. The taste of Nordic Spirit Elderflower is slightly sweet, reminiscent of a light green apple flavor with herbal undertones. A subtle hint of citrus can be picked up in the background and adds to the refreshing flavor of the original flavor profile of this one of a kind nicotine pouch. Experience strong nicotine kicks and the refreshing summer flavors in Nordic Spirit Elderflower tobacco-free nicotine pouches with no staining to your teeth.