Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Nicotine Pouches

Nordic Spirit smooth mint Nicotine Pouches Free Tobacco

9 mg/g
0.9 g
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Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint nicopods, by Nordic Snus AB, are part of the Nordic Spirit line of flavored nicotine pouches. Like many nicotine pouches, they come in a slim format and the pouch material is made of plant-based materials that give them a white, clean and soft texture. Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint nicopods are discreet and feel quite enjoyable under the lip. They release the strong nicotine content in every pouch and mild taste of sweet peppermint and light menthol flavor in a gentle manner. The taste of Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint is slightly sweet and minty fresh with a subtle hint of menthol. Enjoy the refreshing mint flavors and experience tobacco-free, strong nicotine kicks with no staining to your teeth thanks to Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint nicopods.