Odens 29 Extreme Portion Snus

Odens 29 Extreme Portion Snus with an apple taste.

Nicotine content 22 mg/g.

22 mg/g
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Oden’s 29 Extreme Portion Snus, manufactured by GN tobacco, boasts an extremely strong nicotine content that will not leave you unimpressed. Expect the unexpected in Oden’s extreme portion without compromising the great taste you can expect from a high quality Oden’s snus: this snus is so strong it’ll make your head spin! The tobacco in Oden’s portion snus is moisturized to create a flowy snus with an immediate flavor release. Oden’s 29 portion is large, yet comfortable, for that perfect fit behind your lip. Oden’s 29 Extreme Portion Snus has a very natural, slightly sour green apple flavor. Like a real Granny Smith apple, the flavor is juicy, sweet and tangy but not overly sweet and not too juicy. The flavor in Oden’s 29 comes on fast and feels like a warm treat in your mouth. Aside from the predominantly apple flavor, that you can taste almost as soon as you place the portion under your lip, there is a milder tobacco flavor and a light nuttiness and smokiness in the background. Apple might sound like an unusual flavor for snus at first but once you try it, you’ll love its pleasant taste. Oden’s has really developed great tasting snus and brought us the sweetness of apple without overpowering the flavor profile. What comes across is a balanced apple and tobacco flavor that greatly enhances the whole experience. Open a can and smell the unexpected aroma, like a freshly baked warm apple pie!