Odens 69 White Dry Portion Snus

Odens 69 White Dry Portion Snus is  a high quality snus with a traditional taste of Swedish tobacco in a white dry portion for maximum long lasting satisfaction.

9 mg/g
3.89 3.89 € per can (you save 0 €)
Enjoy our brand at an amazing price! For 10 cans and up for any model of this brand.


Odens 69 White Dry Portion Snus, manufactured by GN tobacco, is made for snusers who prefer tasting the original earthy purity of original tobacco, unmasked and uninhibited by other flavors. Odens 69 strong portion contains strong nicotine levels that will meet your expectations or even surpass them. The rich and robust taste of tobacco in Odens 69 is cleverly blended for a delicious and powerful nicotine experience. The high level of nicotine in each portion guarantees powerful nicotine kicks. The white dry snus pouch is not moisturized at all during the manufacturing process. The result is a dry snus pouch that releases nicotine and flavor at a much slower pace thereby extending the experience and reducing drip and runniness completely. Odens White Dry does not compromise quality for price. Enjoy Odens 69’s high quality traditional tobacco taste without breaking the bank; buy it on our online shop and benefit from incredible cost savings!