Odens Cold Slim Extreme White Portion Snus

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22 mg/g
0.9 g
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Odens Cold Slim Extreme White Portion Snus, manufactured by GN tobacco, renders the burning sensation and cool sting of strong mint merged with the earthy flavor of traditional tobacco in the background. The intense menthol freshness balanced with the subtle sweetness of spearmint grants Odens Cold its exceptionally clean mouth feeling and amazing minty taste. The sharp taste will keep your mouth feeling minty fresh all day long, like a breath of cold winter air! Prepare to be blown away by the extremely strong nicotine content. The potency of the tobacco and perfectly blended flavors in Oden’s Extreme White delivers a powerful nicotine kick. Wanna feel the power of super strong tobacco packed in a well-sized, comfortable portion? Cold Slim Extreme White portion snus has been formulated with exactly that in mind! Slim portions offer the same punch and delicious taste as regular portions accompanied by added comfort and discretion. No one will notice the pouch under your upper lip but you sure will; the nice burning sensation on contact is a feeling that cannot go unnoticed . Oden’s Cold pouch is made from a whiter fabric-like composite granting a slower, longer lasting release of flavor and nicotine, extending your snus experience beyond what can be expected from an original portion. The flavor of this snus blends nicely with the traditional tobacco taste to create a unique snus you will love.