Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry 16g


Experience the intense freshness of Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Snus! This product delivers a powerful punch of nicotine (22mg/g) and a dual mint flavor – a perfect blend of spearmint and peppermint. The dry white portions offer a long-lasting, satisfying experience. Explore the ultimate minty freshness today!

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22 mg/g Nicotine
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Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Portion Details

Brand : Odens
Nicotine content : 22 mg/g
Type : White Dry portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Menthol and Mint
Strength : Extreme


Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Details

GN Tobacco, the renowned snus manufacturer, presents an unparalleled snus experience with its Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Snus Portion. This extraordinary product, characterized by an intensely strong nicotine content, offers a fascinating combination of a cool menthol sting and the fiery sensation of peppermint. If you’re searching for “snus online” or “snus shop,” don’t miss out on this exceptional offering.

Product Presentation

Odens Extreme Double Mint White Dry comes in a unique, viking-themed can. The design is visually striking, with its intricate patterns and bold colors that evoke a sense of Nordic heritage.

The can isn’t just for show, however. It serves a practical purpose too. It’s specifically designed to store the snus portions safely and securely, maintaining their freshness and integrity.

The snus portions themselves are slim in design. This slimness ensures they provide a comfortable fit when placed under the lip. They sit discreetly and unobtrusively, adding to the overall enjoyment of the snus experience.

Moreover, despite being part of the white dry product line, these portions are soft to the touch. They aren’t overly dry or harsh, as one might expect. Instead, they provide a surprisingly comfortable mouthfeel.

An Unforgettable Sensory Journey

Every pouch of Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry is meticulously filled with mentholated peppermint. This guarantees an invigorating and fresh experience like no other, akin to taking a breath of crisp winter air. The peppermint’s sharp taste, complemented by the earthy undertones of the subtle tobacco flavor, ensures a refreshingly minty mouthfeel that lingers, keeping you invigorated throughout the day.

Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry : Design and Features

The uniqueness of Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry lies not just in its flavor but also in its design. The portions are large yet comfortable, promising a perfect fit under your lip. GN Tobacco manufactures the white dry pouches without moisturizing them, which leads to a less runny snus variant. The fabric-like material used to create these pouches is remarkably soft, ensuring a gradual and consistent release of the intense minty flavor and robust nicotine content.

Extreme Power Packed in a Pouch

Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry, living up to its “Extreme” moniker, offers an extraordinarily potent snus experience that might leave your head spinning. With a high nicotine content of 22mg/g, this product is designed for those who seek an intense snus experience. The peppermint flavor is pronounced, delivering an incredibly refreshing experience, especially noticeable when you place the pouch under your lip.

The Dry Portion Advantage

A distinguishing feature of the Odens Extreme White Dry series, which notably includes the Double Mint variety, is the unique formulation of its pouches and tobacco mixture. These components are meticulously crafted to be extra dry, a characteristic that greatly enhances the user experience in several ways.

The first standout advantage is the minimal drip. A common concern with snus use is the excessive moisture or ‘drip’ that can occur as the pouch contents interact with saliva. This can lead to a less than pleasant experience for the user. However, with Odens Extreme White Dry series, this concern is significantly mitigated. The extra dry pouches ensure that the moisture release is controlled, resulting in a clean, drip-free snus experience that many users prefer.

The second notable attribute is the prolonged enjoyment period. The drier composition of the pouches and tobacco mixture means that the release of both flavor and nicotine is slower and more consistent compared to regular snus. This slow-release mechanism extends the longevity of the refreshing mint flavor and the stimulating nicotine kick, ensuring that users can savor the snus experience for a significantly longer duration.

Moreover, the extra dry nature of the pouches aids in maintaining the freshness of the product. The lower moisture content actively minimizes the product’s risk of drying out or losing its potency. This ensures that the snus maintains its freshness and flavor, even after opening the can.

A Remarkable Blend of Mint and Menthol

This snuff sets itself apart with its refreshing flavor profile that masterfully combines cool mint with icy menthol. The dual sensation of mint and menthol packed with a high nicotine punch makes this snus a powerfully stimulating experience.

GN Tobacco and its Legacy in Snus

Since its inception, GN Tobacco has been setting new benchmarks in the snus industry. They have been instrumental in increasing the ceiling for nicotine strength, with their Oden’s Extreme brand delivering up to 22mg/g of nicotine, and the Siberia line going up to a staggering 43mg/g. This Oral Tobacco is a testament to this legacy of pushing boundaries.



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