Odens Double Mint White Dry Portion


Odens Double Mint White Dry Portion Snus- Strongly mentholated spearmint flavor in an unmoisturized long lasting portion.  Regular strength for just the right nicotine kick.

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Odens Double Mint White Dry Portion, manufactured by GN tobacco, will give you the same flavorful intensity as Oden’s Double Mint Extreme Portion minus the mind blowing nicotine levels. Oden’s Double Mint is a regular strength snus with a double mint flavor meaning its minty fresh flavor is twice as strong. As opposed to Oden’s Cold, whose minty fresh flavor is spearmint and has a subtle sweetness, Oden’s Double Mint is much spicier and boasts higher levels of menthol, resulting in the colder and fresher feeling you can expect from a peppermint flavored snus. Feel the burning sensation and cool menthol sting of peppermint in Oden’s mint as you place it under your lip. Each Double Mint portion is loaded with mentholated peppermint for the freshest experience possible. The sharp taste will keep your mouth feeling minty fresh all day long, like a breath of cold winter air! Oden’s fresh peppermint oils are complemented by an earthy and subtle tobacco flavor in every portion.  Oden’s Double Mint white dry portions are unmoisturized to create a drier, less flowy snus. The fabric-like tightly woven white pouch is soft and releases flavor and nicotine at a slow and even pace. Double Mint is a large, yet comfortable portion, for that perfect fit behind your lip. Chose Odens Double Mint White Dry Portion for an intense peppermint flavor in a regular portion!