Odens Double Mint Extreme Portion Snus

Odens Double Extreme Mint Snus with a mint flavor.

nicotine content of 22mg/g

22 mg/g
4.09 4.09 € per can (you save 0 €)
Enjoy our brand at an amazing price! For 10 cans and up for any model of this brand.


Odens Double Mint Extreme Portion Snus, manufactured by GN tobacco, boasts an impressive and extremely strong nicotine content. Feel the burning sensation and cool menthol sting of peppermint flavor in Oden’s mint. Oden’s Double Mint portions are loaded with mentholated peppermint for the freshest experience possible. The sharp taste will keep your mouth feeling minty fresh all day long, like a breath of cold winter air! Oden’s Extreme fresh mint oils are complemented by an earthy and subtle tobacco flavor in every portion. The nicotine levels in Oden’s extreme portion will give you a headspin without compromising the great taste you can expect from a high quality Oden’s snus. Double Mint Extreme is a large, yet comfortable portion, for that perfect fit behind your lip. The moist portion bag releases the delicious double mint flavor efficiently and almost immediately. Chose Odens Double Mint for extreme minty flavor and extreme strength!