Odens Licorice White Portion Snus


Odens Licorice White Portion Snus with a taste of Licorice.

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Odens Licorice White Portion Snus, manufactured by GN tobacco, has a regular strength nicotine level and a traditional Scandinavian salty licorice flavor . If you’ve ever had salty licorice (salmiakki), then the flavor of Odens Licorice White Portion Snus is already familiar to you. If you haven’t, then you can expect salty licorice taste that includes a combination of sweet, bitter and sour flavors; licorice tastes like anise but has a much more potent flavor. Oden’s licorice flavor complements the earthy and subtle tobacco flavor in every portion for a unique and delicious flavor profile. Expect a balanced flavor and nicotine kick in Oden’s white portion. Oden’s Licorice is a large, yet comfortable portion, for that perfect fit behind your lip. The tobacco in Oden’s White is moisturized during the manufacturing process. However, the soft fabric-like white pouch extends the snus experience; it reduces runniness and promotes a slow and even-paced release of flavor and nicotine making Oden’s White last longer than a white portion, with less drip. Chose Odens Licorice White for a salmiak licorice flavor and a regular strength nicotine kick in a slow-release portion!

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