Odens Melon Extreme Portion Snus


Odens Melon Extreme Portion Snus with a melon flavor. Nicotine content 22 mg/g.

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18 Pouches
22 mg/g Nicotine
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Odens Melon Extreme Portion Snus, manufactured by GN tobacco, has a mellow and sweet taste of honeydew with a salty undertone. Its aroma is refreshing and rejuvenating like a fresh slice of watermelon. Prepare to smell the mouthwatering aroma of sweet melon flavors as soon as you open a can of Odens Melon Extreme Portion Snus and delve into a juicy tropical wave of freshness! Just like a natural and authentic melon taste, Oden’s Melon has a vague musky undertone. The honeydew and watermelon flavors blend perfectly into a tropical, fruity and floral paradise packed in a can! Expect the unexpected in Oden’s extreme portion without compromising the great taste you can expect from a high quality Oden’s snus: this snus is so strong it’ll make your head spin! Oden’s Melon is a plump, yet comfortable portion, for that perfect fit behind your lip. The tobacco in Oden’s is moisturized during the manufacturing process resulting in a moist feeling and an almost immediate flavor and nicotine release. Chose Odens Melon Extreme for a rush of juicy melon flavors and extreme strength in a moist portion!

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