Odens Mint White Portion Snus

Odens Mint White Portion Snus with a taste of mint.

9 mg/g
3.59 3.59 € per can (you save 0 €)
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Oden’s Mint White, manufactured by GN tobacco, has a very earthy and natural mint flavor. It’s subtly sweet like spearmint yet rather refreshing like peppermint. The mint flavor is not too strong but there is a strong cooling mentholated presence and a whole mouth feel of freshness when you place Oden’s mint portion under your lip. The regular nicotine strength of Mint White comes across with the minty flavor and earthy tobacco taste, for a balanced flavor profile. Expect a nice nicotine kick in a large, yet comfortable portion, for that perfect fit behind your lip. The tobacco in Oden’s White is moisturized during the manufacturing process. However, the soft fabric-like white pouch extends the snus experience; it reduces runniness and promotes a slow and even-paced release of flavor and nicotine making Oden’s Mint White last longer than a regular portion, with less drip. Chose Odens Mint White for a balanced mint flavor and a regular strength nicotine kick in a slow-release portion!