Odens Original Loose Snus

Odens Original Loose Snus with traditional taste.

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Odens Original Loose Snus is manufactured by GN Tobacco and is as close as it comes to a traditional swedish snus. Many generations of snus making expertise goes into producing high quality snus in various strengths and flavors that is Oden’s. The typical flavor of bergamot oil has been used as an additive in the production of snus for generations to grant a full bodied and rich tasting tobacco flavor. Although not all snus these days contains bergamot essential oil, since modern snus has somewhat changed the face of the traditional snus flavor profile, Oden’s Original Loose boasts the classical taste of bergamot and gives the predominantly traditional tobacco flavor in this portion a rich and flavorful character. Bergamot tastes like freshly infused Earl Grey tea. The sweet citrus-like flavors of bergamot in Earl Grey also give Oden’s Original Portion it’s bold and tangy citrus taste. A black peppery flavor is also upfront and center along with the bergamot flavor and a sweet floral essence can be picked up in the background. Bergamot marries well with tobacco and is undoubtedly the reason why it has been used for generations in producing great tasting traditional snus. Oden’s Original Loose Snus is medium ground and moist, making it easy to handbake into a prilla or use with your IceTool. The regular strength nicotine and flavor content is released rapidly and efficiently. Get some today!