Odens Vanilla White Dry Portion Snus


Odens Vanilla White Dry Portion Snus is a white snus with a taste of vanilla.

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Odens Vanilla White Dry Portion Snus, manufactured by GN tobacco, has a regular strength nicotine level and a mellow vanilla flavor. If you’re a fan of vanilla, then the flavor of Odens Vanilla Portion Snus will give you a nice, and not overly sweet, natural vanilla flavor. Oden’s Vanilla complements the subtle and smoky tobacco flavor in every portion for a unique and delicious flavor profile. Expect a balanced flavor and nicotine kick in Oden’s white portion. Oden’s Vanilla is a large, yet comfortable portion, for that perfect fit behind your lip. The tobacco in Oden’s White dry is not moisturized during the manufacturing process resulting in a dryer feeling than a regular white portion. Oden’s White Dry lasts even longer than a white portion and much longer than an original portion, with less drip. The fabric-like white pouch is soft and releases flavor and nicotine at a slow and even pace. Chose Odens Vanilla White Dry for a mellow vanilla flavor and a regular strength nicotine kick in a dry portion!