Odens Pure Wintergreen Extreme Portion Snus


Odens Pure Extreme Wintergreen Portion Snus with a wintergreen flavor.

Nicotine content 22 mg/g.

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18 Pouches
22 mg/g Nicotine
3.59 € per can


Odens Pure Wintergreen Extreme Portion Snus is manufactured by GN tobacco and just like all of Oden’s snus, it is known for its great quality at a great price. If you enjoy the subtle and sophisticated freshness of wintergreen, you’ll surely enjoy the plump minty portions of Odens Pure Wintergreen as it sits under your lip. This moist and flavorful portion combines the mild sweetness of mint with the classical taste of swedish tobacco in this one of a kind original portion. Oden’s portion snus pouch has a high moisture content for a strong and almost immediate release of pure wintergreen flavor and extremely strong kicks of nicotine, extending your snus experience beyond what can be expected from an original portion. Expect to be blown away by one of the strongest series of “extreme” snus known to man with Odens Pure Wintergreen Extreme Portion Snus.

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