Odens Wintergreen Slim Extreme White Dry


Experience the refreshing taste of Odens Wintergreen Slim Extreme White Dry snus. Its discreet, slim pouches offer a powerful nicotine kick of 22mg/g and a lasting wintergreen mint flavor, making it a top choice for snus enthusiasts seeking an intense, enjoyable experience.

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22 mg/g Nicotine
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he Snus Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Details


Brand : Oden’s
Nicotine content : 22 mg/g
Type : White Dry Portion
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Wintegreen
Strength : Super Strong


Siberia Wintergreen Slim Extreme White Dry Description

Odens Slim Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Portion Snus is produced by GN Tobacco. It is recognized for its outstanding quality and budget-friendly prices. This snus product presents a discreet and cozy extreme white dry portion. It blends the gentle sweetness of mint and pine undertones. The classic taste of Swedish tobacco is also included. Perfect for those who enjoy the subtle freshness of wintergreen and a slowly released flavor and nicotine experience.

Odens Extreme Wintergreen Slim White Dry – A Discreet and Powerful Snus

Odens Extreme Wintergreen Slim White Dry is a discreet snus from Oden’s and GN Tobacco, packed with power and minty flavors. These slim white dry portions deliver extremely strong nicotine kicks (22 mg/g) along with a crisp and refreshing wintergreen flavor. The dry surfaces of these slim and comfortable snus portions provide a low drip experience, ensuring a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine. Find your Odens Extreme Wintergreen Slim White Dry Portion Snus online at Snusline.com, offering snus delivery in the UK, USA, and worldwide.

Odens Pure Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim – A Super Strong Slim Portion

Odens Pure Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim is a super strong, slim portion. It features a delightful and fresh wintergreen mint taste. The white dry pouches provide minimal drip and extended flavor enjoyment. Slim portions fit discreetly under your lip. This snus has a nicotine strength of 22mg/g, which Snus classifies as “Super strong.” It’s a potent snus choice for those seeking a more intense experience.

Explore the Wide Range of Odens Snus Varieties

Discover the various flavors of Odens snus available at Snusline.com. Choose from a wide range of flavors packed in original portions, white portions, and white dry portions, including the popular Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim. Odens snus products offer a powerful but well-rounded and flavorful chewing tobacco experience with strong and cooling wintergreen flavor, low tobacco moisture, and a slim bag format for comfortable and discreet fit behind the lip.

GN Tobacco’s Slim White Dry Snus Products

GN Tobacco has recently released three snus products in the Extreme (White Dry) format category: Cold, Wintergreen, and Double Mint. These slim white dry products, while technically “white dry,” feature pouches and tobacco that feel soft to the touch and comfortable in the lip. The slim white dry cans boast an attractive Viking-inspired design. If you’re a fan of wintergreen and want a milder taste, slimmer portion, and stronger nicotine kick, Odens snus products are definitely worth a try!

Find cheap snus options like Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim at Snusline.com, your go-to online shop for snus in the UK, USA, and worldwide.

Odens Snus – A Commitment to Quality and Affordability

GN Tobacco, the esteemed manufacturer behind Odens snus, is dedicated to crafting high-quality snus products at budget-friendly prices. As a family-owned tobacco company from Sweden, GN Tobacco has a rich heritage in snus-making, drawing from their deep understanding of traditional methods and embracing contemporary innovations. This commitment to quality has made Odens snus a popular choice for snus users in the UK, USA, and beyond.

The Advantages of Slim White Dry Portions

Slim white dry portions, like those found in Odens snus products, offer a discreet and comfortable snus experience. With minimal drip and a longer-lasting flavor release, users can enjoy the benefits of powerful nicotine kicks while maintaining a subtle and sophisticated snus profile. The slim design ensures a comfortable fit behind the lip, making it an ideal option for snus enthusiasts who prefer a more discreet experience.

Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim – A Snus for Every Preference

The Snus Brand from GN caters to a wide range of user preferences, offering various flavors, strengths, and portion types. Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim is a popular choice for those who prefer a strong nicotine kick and a refreshing wintergreen flavor without the overpowering intensity often associated with wintergreen snus. Whether you are new to snus or an experienced user, Odens snus has options to suit your taste and preferences.


Tobacco, Water, Common Salt, Flavors, Agent (E1520), Acidity Regulator (E501)