Offroad Licorice White Mini Portion

Offroad Licorice White Mini Portion Snus

8 mg/g
0.3 g
5.09 5.09 € per can (you save 0 €)


Offroad Licorice Mini White Portion Snus, manufactured by V2 Tobacco, has a mild tobacco character and a licorice flavor. A subtle tobacco aroma greets you as soon as you open a can of Offroad Licorice Mini portion snus for the first time. The sweet herbal anise aroma can also be detected in the background. Offroad Mini Portions are plump and slim and enclosed some really moist Swedish snus. Taste the bittersweet mild licorice and tobacco flavor and feel the comfort in every moist portion as it sits discreetly in your upper lip and releases the 8mg/g nicotine kicks at at even an efficient pace, extended your snus experience beyond that of an original portion. If you enjoy a tasty black licorice flavor in Swedish snus but require a moist, slim and long-lasting mini-portion, Offroad Licorice Mini White Portion Snus is just right for you!