Offroad Smooth Mint White Mini Portion

Offroad Smooth Mint White Mini Portion Snus

8 mg/g
0.5 g
5.29 5.29 € per can (you save 0 €)


Offroad Smooth Mint White Mini Portion Snus, manufactured by V2 Tobacco, has a minty fresh and lightly mentholated peppermint flavor with a mild tobacco character. You can feel the sting as you place the mini portion under your lip and discern a hint of menthol freshness combined with the sweetness of mild tasting mint. The toned down tobacco aroma balances nicely the smooth mint flavor in Offroad Smooth Mint. Offroad mini portions are plump and slim and enclose some really moist Swedish snus and fit quite discreetly under your lip. Experience a longer lasting, slow release of 8mg/g nicotine kicks at an even and efficient pace thanks to the white pouch. If you enjoy the smoothness of mild mint with a hint of menthol sweetness in Swedish snus but require a moist, slim and long-lasting mini-portion, Offroad Smooth Mint Mini White Portion Snus is just right for you!