Olde Ving 99 Original Portion Snus


Olde Ving 99 Portion Snus with a taste of coffee.

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20 Pouches
9 mg/g Nicotine
2.99 € per can


Olde Ving 99 Original Portion Snus, by GN Tobacco, has a black coffee smell with a slightly sweet rich and creamy coffee flavor. Indulge in the warm and aromatic taste of Olde Ving 99 and get a regular strength nicotine kick in a moist and plump portion. The tobacco in Olde Ving 99 undergoes a moisturizing process and is upfront and center in the flavor profile of this original portion snus. The regular portion is large, yet comfortable, for that perfect fit behind your lip. Experience an efficient and almost immediate release of contents and enjoy Olde Ving 99’s creamy aromatic coffee flavor without delay. Make Olde Ving 99 part of your regular snus roundup or your occasional go to snus. Either way, you’ll enjoy having it as part of your snus experience.

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