ONE Svart (Black) Original Portion Snus

ONE Svart (Black) Original Portion Snus with a original Tobacco taste

Best before date 04/10/2022 – very well preserved

13 mg/g
1 g
5.99 5.99 € per can (you save 0 €)


ONE Svart (Black) Original Portion Snus, by Swedish Match, is a super tasty strong snus with a traditional tobacco taste and notes of bergamot and smoky leather. It has a dark, robust and spicy tobacco character and some tea and citrus undertones. Swedish Match relaunched its ONE line in 2020 and introduced a revolution in taste onto the snus portion market by creating a visibly thinner portion material that gets you as close to the tobacco as ever before . The result is a powerful taste experience with an immediate flavor and nicotine release. The One line essentially gives you more of everything: more tobacco, more taste, more nicotine. Get some today and experience a revolution in great quality snus!