Organic Clove Explosion Brown Snus Portion

GN Organic Clove Explosion Brown Portion with a taste of cloves.

36 mg/g
0.85 g
4.99 4.99 € per can (you save 0 €)


GN Organic Clove Explosion Brown Snus Portion produces an intense snus experience by combining a very strong nicotine content of 36 mg/g with the spicy and fragrant flavor of organic cloves grown in Indonesia, and no artificial flavors. A hint of smokiness can also be detected in the background for a well balanced flavor profile. The brown chew bags undergo a moistening process that renders them moist and plump. This allows the delicious clove and dark tobacco flavors to be released quickly and in the most powerful way. Prepare for a flavor explosion and a strong nicotine kick with this one of a kind snus! Clove Explosion’s portions are large, yet comfortable, for that perfect fit behind your lip.