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Pablo Exclusive 50mg Bubblegum 12g


Pablo Exclusive Bubblegum –  Get one of the strongest nicotine pouches with 50 mg/g of nicotine and a delicious bubblegum flavor.  Each portion weighs 0.6 g and fits comfortably and seeminglessly under your lip due to its small size and soft comfortable pouch. NOT FOR BEGINNERS.  ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED NICOTINE USERS/HEAVY SMOKERS.


Pablo Exclusive 50mg Bubblegum 12g can. Made by NGP empire, Pablo Exclusive Bubblegum tastes like your favorite pink bubblegum, with a sweet flavor that will take you down memory lane.  Just one of many delicious flavors in the new Pablo Exclusive line,  Pablo Exclusive Bubblegum is the only flavor in Pablo Exclusive that is devoid of minty freshness.  The Pablo brand has been created for heavy smokers or nicotine users that need a large dose of nicotine in every hit.  Originally flavored with a strong mint flavor and an extra strong mint flavor, Pablo pouches were introduced as one of the strongest nicotine pouches on the market and labeled as  “dangerous strong” . The NEW Pablo Exclusive takes the danger up a few notches higher with its extreme strength of 50mg/g compared to the original Pablo at 30 mg/g.  The 50 mg/g of nicotine are presented in a 0.8 mg pouch and represent a real nicotine strength of 40 mg per hit.  Pablo nicopods are high quality nicotine pouches made of 100% natural plant resins and contain all white ingredients that will not cause your teeth to stain.  You only get an extremely strong and powerfully flavorful nicotine experience you will not soon forget.  Pablo Exclusive is so strong, it is only recommended for experienced nicotine users that can handle it.  Pablo Exclusive pouches are slightly smaller than Pablo original pouches and feel even less present under your lip.  There is no need to chew or bite these pouches; despite their all white look, the flavor and nicotine come through quite effortlessly and naturally once you place the pod under your lip.