Pablo Ice Cold XXL Nicopods Tobacco Free


Pablo Ice Cold XXL 24g

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30 mg/g Nicotine
0.8 g Weight/Pouch
6.49 € per can


Pablo Ice Cold XXL 24g – Pablo Ice Cold XXL is the same dangerously strong Pablo snus you know in XXL format.  Instead of 20 pouches, you get 30! Pablo nicotine pouches are not called Pablo Danger Strong Nicopods  for nothing.  This stuff will literally blow your brains out!  How many mg of nicotine fit into one slim pouch of Pablo Ice cold? A whopping 30 mg/g!  Not only are these nicopods dangerously strong but they come through even stronger because of the quick delivery and ice cold mint flavor .  Every pouch of Pablo Ice Cold will freeze your gums and give you a burning and ice cold burn.