Siberia Black Extremely Strong Portion Snus

Siberia Brown Extremely Strong Portion Snus is a snus with a high quality and a taste of spearmint. 43mg/g nicotine.

43 mg/g
1 g
4.99 4.99 € per can (you save 0 €)
Enjoy our brand at an amazing price! For 10 cans and up for any model of this brand.


Siberia products are recognized for their ultra strong nicotine content, with the exception of Siberia Blue, where the ice cold power of mint makes up for the relatively lower nicotine content.
Siberia Black, however, fits right into the Siberia line as an extremely strong portion with 43 mg of nicotine per gram of snus and resembles Siberia Brown in its rich and full bodied tobacco flavor.
GN Tobacco did a fine job creating this unique snus by blending the classic Swedish taste of tobacco with a minty flavor and hints of floral essence. Siberia X-tremely Black is available in original, slim, white dry and white dry slim portions to fit every taste. The slim portions offer added comfort and discretion with the same amount of snus per pouch and the white dry portions guarantee a slower release than the original portions.
Expect a really strong nicotine kick and an almost immediate flavor release with this powerful and flavorful Siberia variety.