Siberia Black Extremely Strong White Dry 16g


Dive into the intense experience of Siberia Black White Dry Extremely Strong snus. Now shipping to the USA and UK from our online shop – indulge in the bold, refreshing flavors and unrivaled strength for the ultimate snus adventure.

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43 mg/g Nicotine
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Siberia Black White Dry Details

Brand : Siberia
Nicotine content : 43mg/g
Type : Original Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco
Strength : Extremely Strong


Siberia Black White Dry Regular Portion description

Discover the distinct taste of Siberia Black White Dry Regular Portion, a high-nicotine snus with a rich tobacco flavor and 43mg/g of nicotine. Unlike most high-strength snus that feature a mint flavor, Siberia Black offers a traditional taste that releases slowly throughout the use.

Siberia Black for High-Nicotine Tolerance

Siberia Black is specifically designed for users with a high tolerance for nicotine, offering an extreme nicotine experience. For those with a lower tolerance, the Siberia snus line also includes products with a reduced nicotine content.

The Unique Siberia -80 Black White Dry

Experience the one-of-a-kind Siberia -80 Black White Dry, an ultra-strong snus featuring a classic tobacco flavor and a convenient white portion format. With a high nicotine content of 43 mg/g, this snus is not for the faint-hearted. The white dry portion ensures a long-lasting, even release of flavor and nicotine, while the super-soft pouch offers a comfortable fit under the lip.

GN Tobacco’s Expertise in Siberia Snus

GN Tobacco is an esteemed manufacturer. They are responsible for crafting Siberia Snus. The company has built a solid reputation. They produce robust, delectable snus products. These products are budget-friendly. GN Tobacco is a family-owned company from Sweden. They boast a rich heritage in snus-making. GN draw from a deep understanding of traditional methods. This Snus manufacturer also embrace contemporary innovations.

Their expertise is showcased in their unique ability to develop snus products that offer an intense kick, without compromising on flavor. By carefully selecting premium tobacco and blending it with the perfect balance of ingredients, GN Tobacco crafts an exceptional snus experience that leaves a lasting impression on its users.

Their commitment to quality extends beyond taste, as GN Tobacco ensures consistency, freshness, and superior flavor in each product. The company utilizes state-of-the-art technology alongside time-honored techniques to create snus products that cater to the discerning tastes of snus aficionados worldwide.

GN Tobacco stands apart from competitors. A key factor is their relentless pursuit of excellence. They are driven by a passion for preserving Swedish snus craftsmanship. Their dedication has earned recognition in the snus community. It also solidified Siberia Snus as a go-to brand. This appeals to those seeking a powerful, flavorful snus experience.

Siberia -80 Xtremely Black White Dry

For fans of Siberia -80 White Dry, Siberia -80 Xtremely Black White Dry offers the same high-quality pouches with minimal drip and a long-lasting taste experience. The difference between the White Dry and Black series lies in the classic tobacco taste, as opposed to spearmint.

User Reviews of Siberia Snus Products

Siberia Snus UK customers express their admiration for the diverse array of flavors and strengths provided by the brand, which includes the non-mint variant, Siberia Extremely Black White Dry. This particular product caters to those who prefer a more traditional tobacco taste over the customary mint flavors found in many high-nicotine snus products.

Siberia Snus offers a wide-ranging selection. This variety accommodates various user preferences. Some seek a milder nicotine experience. Others crave an intense, powerful kick. The brand is committed to quality. It boasts unique and satisfying taste profiles. This has garnered a loyal following among UK snus enthusiasts.

In addition to the classic tobacco taste, Siberia Snus UK customers also appreciate the brand’s attention to detail when it comes to the design and functionality of their products. The slim portion format, white dry pouches, and minimal drip ensure a comfortable and enjoyable snus experience that lasts. This dedication to delivering exceptional snus products has cemented Siberia Snus as a popular choice among UK consumers.


Tobacco, Water, Common Salt, Flavors, Moisture preserving substance, Agent (E1520), Acidity Regulator (E501)