Sirius Ice Cold White Dry Strong

Sirius Ice Cold White Dry Strong Chewing Bags

25 mg/g
0.5 g
5.19 5.19 € per can (you save 0 €)


Sirius Ice Cold White Dry, manufactured by AG Snus, is a white dry Chew Bag with a mentholated peppermint aroma. Chew bags are pretty much identical to Swedish snus with the exception that the nicotine is cut instead of ground. Chew bags were created as an alternative to snus in the UK, where the sale and marketing of snus is illegal. The portion material of Sirius chew bags is thicker than typical white dry portion pouches so you can actually chew them if you chose to. However, they can also be used like snus and simply placed under the lip for an authentic snus experience. Sirius Ice cold comes in at an extra strong 25mg/g. The white chew bag material feels dry and takes a while to start releasing the content. Sirius Ice Cold feels like a chilly winter breath of ice cold air. Its long-lasting ice cold freshness will leave you with a whole-mouth clean feeling. As a cold mint product, you’ll feel a nice stinging sensation upon release of contents along with a minty flavorful tobacco taste. If you enjoy strong tobacco and mentholated mint flavors and want a long lasting powerful nicotine release, Sirius Ice Cold is the chew bag for you.