Sisu Extreme White Dry Portion Snus

Sisu Extreme White Dry Portion with a taste of mint and menthol and the smoothest white dry snus pouch out there

20 mg/g
3.89 3.89 € per can (you save 0 €)
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SISU Extreme White Dry Portion Snus, by AG snus, has a spearmint sweetness and a mentholated freshness that will give you a nice minty sting under your lip and a whole mouth clean feeling. You can smell the refreshing mint aroma when you open a can and enjoy the delicious menthol freshness in each portion, like a mild winter wonderland in your mouth! SISU’s minty portions are nice and plump. The portion pouch in SISU White Dry is not moisturized during the manufacturing process resulting in a dryer feeling release than an original portion. The silky, extremely soft white portion not only has the smoothest white dry snus pouch out there, but it will provide you with an extended snus experience thanks to its tightly woven material. Despite its white pouch, SISU uses a new unique process for a quick and strong nicotine and flavor release. SISU Extreme White Dry Portions’ nicotine strength can be described as a go between strong and extra strong and is symbiotically released with the mild tobacco taste at first, and then the refreshing spearmint flavor for a powerful and flavorful punch.