Skruf Slim Fresh White no.02


Discover the cooling, invigorating sensation of Skruf Slim Fresh White Portion Snus no.02. With its balanced blend of minty freshness and smooth tobacco, it offers a lasting, satisfying snus experience. Shop online for this uniquely Swedish treat!

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8 mg/g Nicotine
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SKRUF Slim Fresh White Details

Brand : Skruf
Nicotine content : 8 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Spearmint
Strength : Medium


SKRUF Slim Fresh White Description

Born in 2003, Skruf emerged as the scrappy contender going toe-to-toe with the goliath of the snus industry, Swedish Match. Despite being the new kid on the block, Skruf rapidly ascended the ranks of snus manufacturers, earning a dedicated fanbase from snus users worldwide. Skruf’s secret? A diverse portfolio of snus offerings, catering to varied tastes, sizes, and strengths. Among them, Skruf Fresh White, with its comfortable slim format and refreshingly minty flavor, holds a special place, beloved by many, including our Norwegian friends.

The Perfect Minty Kiss: Tasting Skruf Fresh White

Taking center stage in Skruf Slim Fresh White is the flavor of spearmint. The blend is balanced, allowing the rich tobacco background to subtly shine through. The result is a high-quality snus that provides a refreshing spearmint journey, laced with Skruf’s trademark tobacco touch. This slightly sweet peppermint sensation, accented by gentle menthol, results in an invigorating and clean mouthfeel. And yes, as with all Skruf products, expect a pleasantly chilling sensation as you slip it under your lip.

Tailor Your Snus Strength

When it comes to nicotine strength, Skruf Slim Fresh White doesn’t disappoint. Choose from Regular #2, Stark #3, and Xtra Stark #4. Each of these options promises the same core Skruf experience – the classic fusion of minty freshness and Skruf’s signature tobacco blend. The regular strength option delivers a relaxed and gradual release of flavor and nicotine, ensuring a longer-lasting snus experience.

The Snus That Hugs Your Lip

Skruf Fresh White comes in a slim, white portion format. Its discreet, comfortable fit is almost indiscernible, ensuring you can enjoy your Skruf Fresh White in peace. The dry, white pouches contribute to minimal dripping and provide a long-lasting flavor experience.

Fans’ Verdict: Skruf Slim Fresh White

Skruf Slim Fresh White has garnered high praise from snus users. One long-time fan shares, “This particular snus has been my go-to for years. While I’ve dabbled with a variety of other brands and flavor profiles, I always gravitate back to this one. Its robust strength coupled with the appealing flavor have made it a consistent and trusted companion in my snus journey.” Another customer found the flavor reminiscent of his childhood, adding, “Truly enjoyable, it boasts a pleasant tobacco taste harmoniously blended with a hint of mint.”

Lastly, an everyday user notes, “For me, these are undeniably some of the best out there. I’m a daily user and can’t get enough of their delightful flavor. Their comfort is unmatched, making my everyday usage a breeze. While I do wish they were a tad more moist, it’s hardly a deal-breaker. Rest assured, placing an order for these would be a decision well made.”

Get Your Skruf Fresh White Online

Looking for Skruf Fresh White? You’re just a click away. With Skruf’s environmentally friendly manufacturing process and dedication to high-quality products, your perfect snus experience is assured. Whether you’re in Sweden or anywhere around the globe, Skruf Fresh White is ready to embrace your lips and tantalize your palate. Enjoy the best of Skruf online, today!



Tobacco, Flavors, Water, humectant (E1520), salt, Fillers, Acidity Regulator (E500), aromas