Skruf Strong Portion Snus

Skruf Strong Portion Snus, pure and strong tobacco taste, and natural condiments of bergamot and rose oil.

Best before date 09/08/2022 – very well preserved

14 mg/g
7.49 7.49 € per can (you save 0 €)
Enjoy our brand at an amazing price! For 10 cans and up for any model of this brand.


Skruf Strong Portion is a powerful tobacco-centric snus packed in a large portion. It’s not overly moist, making it less runny than other snus, and feels nice and comfortable under the lip. Skruf hasn’t been around as long as some other Swedish tobacco manufacturers but has still managed to become a hugely popular snus brand. Skruf products are known for their high quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and come in almost every variation in taste, strength and format.
Skruf Strong Portion is a classical snus with an underlying taste of bergamot and notes of citrus and rose oil. The portion pouch is moisturized and releases the strong nicotine and delicious flavor in a quick and effective manner, for almost immediate satisfaction. The lush aroma of Skruf Strong is really fresh and grants a luxurious feel. Like all Skruf products, it will give you that signature sting when you place it under your lip. Get some today!