Skruf Strong White no.23


Immerse in the robust and refreshing taste of Skruf Strong White Snus. An expertly crafted blend delivering high nicotine content for a stimulating kick. This snus boasts a slow-release flavor, packed in dry, comfortable pouches that won’t stain your teeth. Your online destination for a discreet yet exhilarating tobacco journey.

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16 mg/g Nicotine
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SKRUF Strong White no.23 Details


Brand : Skruf
Nicotine content : 14 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : Tobacco and Bergamot
Strength : Strong


SKRUF Strong White no.23 Description

The inception of Skruf Snus in 2003 marked the emergence of a dynamic underdog daring to challenge industry giants like Swedish Match. Following their acquisition by the Imperial Tobacco Group in 2005, just a short two years after the launch of their initial product, Skruf firmly established their place in the snus industry. Fast forward to the present day, Skruf Snus AB has made a name for itself as one of the most inventive snuff producers in the Nordic regions.

This is highlighted by their impressive portfolio which includes Skruf Nyans, Skruf Super White, and the remarkable Smålands Brukssnus. Subsequently, their introduction of modern, colorful snus cans brought about a revolution in the industry. These vibrant containers not only broke the mold but also echoed the unique tastes and personalities of snus users, demonstrating a clear understanding of their customer base.

A Symphony of Flavors: Skruf Strong White

Beginning with its distinctive character, Skruf Strong White stands as a classic and potent snus that embarks snus enthusiasts on an immersive journey into a world rich in bergamot-infused tobacco. Complemented by subtle notes of citrus and rose oil, this snus offers a balanced yet complex profile. Moreover, its fresh, lush aroma enhances the experience, contributing to a luxurious and lasting impression. Lastly, the incorporation of a higher number of tobacco leaves enhances the potency of Skruf Strong White, providing a powerful kick that is sure to satisfy seasoned snus lovers.

A Step Up in Strength: Nicotine Content

Skruf No. 23 Strong White stands out for its potency, with a robust nicotine content of 14 mg/g. This strength lends a pleasant sting that doesn’t disappoint those seeking a potent snus experience. Despite the strength, Skruf No. 23 White Strong offers a balanced, timeless tobacco flavor enriched with hints of bergamot and rose oil.

Crafted for Comfort: Portion Format

Wrapped in large, original portion bags that are dry to the touch, Skruf No. 23 White Strong offers an enduring, less runny snus experience compared to other portion snus products. These white pouches ensure a smooth and prolonged release of both flavor and nicotine, resulting in extended satisfaction. This pouch format fits comfortably under the lip, making Skruf Strong White a perfect choice for discreet snus use.

The Skruf Online Presence

Skruf Snus can now be conveniently purchased online, ensuring the signature Skruf experience is never more than a few clicks away. With Skruf products available in nearly every variation of taste, strength, and format, online accessibility enables snus users across Sweden and the world to enjoy the unique Skruf flavors and formats in their own time and space.



Tobacco, Flavors, Water, humectant (E1520), salt, Fillers, Acidity Regulator (E500), aromas

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