Skruf Super White Slim Nordic Portion no.56


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8 mg/g Nicotine
1 g Weight/Pouch
5.79 € per can


Skruf Super White Slim Nordic #2 Nicotine Pouches are part of Skruf’s super white tobacco-free line. Just like Skruf’s snus, the quality of Skruf’s tobacco-free alternative nicopods is high up there. Skruf Super White Slim Nordic nicotine pouches are nice and soft to the touch and feel super comfortable under the lip. The slim format adds another dimension of comfort and increases discretion so you can walk around with Skruf Slim under your lip and no one will be the wiser. Skruf Super White Nordic’s aroma and flavor is similar to Skruf Nordic White minus the traditional tobacco smell. The same goes for the flavor: Skruf Super White Nordic has a bittersweet Nordic licorice flavor, also called salmiak with subtle notes of minty freshness. Being a super white pouch, you can expect Skruf Super White Slim Nordic to keep your teeth stain-free thanks to its white cellulose plant fibers and white tobacco-free nicotine and flavor contents. Get a regular strength nicotine kick with Skruf Super White Slim Nordic #2 high-quality nicotine pouches in a low-drip, tobacco-free super comfortable and discreet format today!

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