Thunder Frosted Slim White Dry Portion

Thunder Frosted Slim White Dry Portion Swedish Snus

Best before date 10/07/2022 – very well preserved

16 mg/g
0.85 g
4.89 4.89 € per can (you save 0 €)


Thunder Frosted White Dry Slim Portions feel quite soft and dry to the touch and when you place them under your lip. They have a narrower discreet format than Thunder Frosted Original Portion and fit quite seamlessly under the lip. Thunder Frosted’s white dry slim portions take a little while to moisten up and start releasing the smooth spearmint flavor and extra strong nicotine content. You can, however, expect the flavor and nicotine release to be gradual and slow paced and a much longer lasting experience than with the original portion format. Each Thunder Frosted portion is stuffed with fine quality hand picked tobacco leaves and contributes to the great taste and quality of Thunder Frosted snus. You’ll also experience a nice cooling presence, characteristic of mint flavored products a little while after you place the frosted portion under your lip. Thunder Frosted has a long lasting smooth spearmint taste and a mildly sweet menthol character. The nicotine strength of Thunder Frosted White Dry Slim portion sits at 16mg/g and is considered an extra strong snus. Aside from its spearmint flavor, Thunder Frosted has a mild tobacco character. Get some Thunder Frosted Slim White Dry today and enjoy an extra strong, smooth spearmint flavored, long lasting snus with a mild tobacco character in a discreet, long-lasting portion.