White Fox Slim All White Portion Soft Pack

White Fox Slim All White Portion ✅ Nicotine Pouches ✅ Mint flavor ✅

16 mg/g
0.15 g
4.99 4.99 € per can (you save 0 €)


The White Fox line by GN tobacco has an aqua color and a hologram effect on its can, making it one of the coolest and most original can designs out there. GN truly made an impression upon their introduction into the tobacco free market with these all white nicotine pouches. You can really feel the winter chill just by looking at All White’s metallic blue can. The smell that greets you when you open a can of White Fox All White Portion is a balanced sweet spearmint and mentholated aroma. A nice burning sensation can be felt upon placing this all white portion under your lip, probably due to the strong menthol freshness, followed by the sweet spearmint flavor for a delicious minty sensation. The slim all white tobacco free nicotine pouches release the strong nicotine content in a slow and even pace so you can enjoy the nicotine experience a little longer. The pouches are on the smaller side; their discretion, comfort and efficient release of flavor and nicotine make them a popular choice among nicotine pouch users. White Fox All White Slim portions are soft and completely white due to their tobacco free content and to the type of material used for fabricating the pouches, granting them a pleasant feel under your lip and a symbiotic flavor and nicotine release. Keep your teeth looking white while enjoying their great taste!