White Fox Black Slim Portion


Discover White Fox Black Edition Slim Portion, a tobacco-free and discreet nicotine pouch that offers a powerful yet refreshing experience. Try it now and join the growing community of satisfied users!

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White Fox Black Slim Details

Brand : White Fox
Nicotine content : 30 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches All White
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Tobacco
Strength : Extra Strong

White Fox Black Slim Description

Discover the unique and powerful White Fox Black Edition Slim Portion, a tobacco-free product with a dark and smoky tobacco flavor, despite being tobacco-free. This product offers a refreshing aftertaste with unique notes of rose, providing a delightful experience for those seeking strong nicotine pouches.

Features of White Fox Black Edition Slim Portion

The slim all-white White Fox nicotine pouches are designed for discretion, comfort, and efficient release of flavor and nicotine. As a part of the White Fox snus family, these pouches are on the smaller side, making them a popular choice among users. Moreover, they are made from high-quality material that grants a pleasant feel under your lip while keeping your teeth looking white.

Nicotine Satisfaction with White Fox Black Edition

Loaded with nicotine and essential natural oils, White Fox Black Edition Slim Portion offers one of the purest ways to attain nicotine satisfaction. The strong nicotine content of 30-34 mg/g is designed for experienced users, ensuring a satisfying and long-lasting nicotine experience.

Unique Flavor Profile

White Fox Black Slim is a standout product in the White Fox family, as it is the only one without a mint flavor. Instead, it boasts a unique tobacco taste that is smoky, rich, and has a sweet finish from the addition of rose.

Transitioning from Tobacco Use

For users transitioning from tobacco use, White Fox Black Edition provides a similar taste sensation along with a clean nicotine hit. This helps to kick cravings for traditional products while enjoying the convenience and benefits of tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

User Reviews of White Fox Black Edition

Users describe the taste of White Fox Black Edition as slightly salty with a bit of anise, and appreciate the moist texture of the pouches. The high nicotine content is not overwhelmingly strong, thanks to the body’s natural tolerance-building to nicotine. Overall, it is considered a good buy for those who prefer neutral taste and high nicotine concentration.

Availability and Variety

Buy nicotine pouches online at snusline.com, where they offer the entire White Fox range, including White Fox Double Mint, White Fox Black Edition, White Fox Peppered Mint, and White Fox Full Charge. With a focus on quality and product improvement, White Fox aims to cater to nicotine pouch fanatics who have been using nicopods from day one.

Experience the unique and powerful White Fox Black Edition Slim Portion for yourself and see why it is a fine example of GN Tobacco’s continuous development.

Ease of Use and Discretion

White Fox nicotine pouches are designed for ease of use and discretion. Simply place the pouch between your gums and your upper lip, and the active substance will begin to spread. There is no need to bite or suck on the pouch, as the process occurs automatically. The slim format ensures a neat, discreet fit under your lip, making it unnoticeable to others and allowing you to enjoy your nicotine pouches anytime, anywhere.

Tobacco-Free and Teeth-Friendly

One of the main advantages of White Fox nicotine pouches is that they are 100% tobacco-free. This means that they do not discolor your teeth or cause bad breath, providing a clean and enjoyable experience. The pouches are made from high-quality, fleece-like fabric, ensuring comfort and a pleasant feel under the lip.

A Growing Market for Tobacco-Flavored Nicotine Pouches

Although tobacco-flavored nicotine pouches are not the most common, their popularity is growing, particularly among users transitioning from traditional tobacco products. White Fox Black Edition is an excellent choice for those seeking a tobacco-like flavor in a tobacco-free pouch. Its unique flavor profile, along with the strong nicotine content, makes it an attractive option in the market.

Comparisons to Other Tobacco-Flavored Nicotine Pouches

While other companies have attempted to create tobacco-flavored nicotine pouches, such as Swedish Match with their XR Slim Tobacco Free  and at GN Tobacco with the Siberia All White Nicotine pouches, White Fox Black Edition stands out for its enjoyable flavor. It successfully captures tobacco-like qualities without containing tobacco, making it a popular choice for those seeking a tobacco-free alternative.

GN Tobacco’s Commitment to Innovation

GN Tobacco, the company behind the White Fox brand, is dedicated to innovation. Moreover, they focus on continuous development in the nicotine pouch market. The White Fox Black Edition Slim Portion is a testament to their commitment. This product showcases their dedication to providing high-quality, satisfying, and unique options for customers.

Experience the powerful and distinct taste of White Fox Black Edition Slim Portion. Consequently, join the growing community of satisfied users. They enjoy this innovative and tobacco-free alternative to traditional tobacco products.


Nicotine, Filler(E460), Xanthan Gum(E415), Agent (E1520), Acidity Regulator (E500), Natural Flavors

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