White Fox Slim Peppered Mint All White Portion


Discover White Fox Peppered Mint Slim Portion, a tobacco-free nicotine pouch offering a unique blend of invigorating mint and a hint of pepper. Experience discreet, long-lasting flavor and satisfying nicotine release with these slim, comfortable pouches.

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20 Pouches
16 mg/g Nicotine
4.99 € per can


White Fox Peppered Mint Details

Brand : White Fox
Nicotine content : 16 mg/g
Type : Nicotine Pouches All White
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Mint
Strength : Strong

White Fox Peppered Mint Description

White Fox Slim Peppered Mint All White Portion is a tobacco-free product. It is expertly crafted for a satisfying nicotine experience. The unique flavor profile features a blend of subtle spearmint sweetness and a touch of menthol. Additionally, it includes the bold spiciness of black pepper. The portion paper is made from a special fleece material. This material allows for a synergistic release of nicotine and flavor. This sets it apart from traditional papers.This innovative product is part of GN Tobacco’s continuous development in the White Fox range.

Experience the Rich Taste of White Fox Peppered Mint

White Fox Peppered Mint offers a refreshing peppermint taste, enhanced with natural essential oils for a clean nicotine experience. The slim-sized nicotine pouches fit comfortably under the lip, providing a quick release of both flavor and nicotine. With a potent nicotine level of 16 mg/g, these pouches are perfect for those seeking a strong, long-lasting experience.

Exploring White Fox Peppered Mint Nicotine Pouches

Available in cans of 20, White Fox Peppered Mint nicotine pouches boast a unique blend of peppermint and black pepper. These all-white, tobacco-free pouches are designed for discreet and convenient use, fitting easily under the top lip. The warming and cooling sensation in the mouth is perfect for experienced users seeking a more intense experience.

The Extra-Strong Nicotine Content of White Fox Peppered Mint

White Fox Peppered Mint, containing 12 mg of nicotine per pouch, is an extra-strong product recommended for experienced users. The combination of cooling mint and warming pepper offers a thrilling and satisfying experience.

The Cool and Innovative White Fox Brand

White Fox, a product of GN Tobacco in Sweden, is renowned for its innovation and dedication to producing high-quality, tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Available in both slim and large sizes, White Fox pouches deliver an extra-strong nicotine hit along with refreshing mint flavors, such as White Fox Peppered Mint.

The Quality and Moisture Value of White Fox Peppered Mint

White Fox Peppered Mint nicotine pouches use high-quality ingredients to ensure a consistent moisture value and a satisfying experience. These pouches are particularly popular among long-time nicotine pouch users.

The Wide Range of White Fox Flavors and GN Tobacco Products

White Fox offers a variety of flavors, including White Fox Double Mint, White Fox Black Edition, and White Fox Full Charge. GN Tobacco also produces other popular products, such as HIT nicotine pouches, featuring slightly stronger nicotine sachets of 20 mg/g.

Experience the Unique Sensation of White Fox Peppered Mint Slim

This Tobacco Free combines the exciting flavors of pepper and spearmint, providing both a warming and cooling sensation under the lip. With a strength level of 16 mg/g, this extra-strong product is best suited for experienced users. The slim and soft portions ensure a comfortable, discreet fit that won’t stain teeth or cause bad breath.

Customer Testimonials and Recommendations

Numerous users have lauded this Slim All White for its distinctive and remarkable flavor pairing, delivering a lasting taste sensation that keeps them coming back for more. The high nicotine content provides an intense, invigorating experience that many experienced users seek. Crafted meticulously, these top-quality pouches ensure user satisfaction and come highly recommended for individuals who appreciate a potent and stimulating nicotine experience.

The Launch of White Fox and its Rapid Growth

White Fox, developed by GN Tobacco, was launched in 2019 to cater to the growing demand for tobacco-free, high-strength products. Since its introduction, the brand has quickly gained popularity among veteran users and has become a staple in their daily routines. With a focus on quality and innovation, White Fox continues to expand its range of offerings and maintain a strong presence in the market.

Discreet and Convenient White Fox Nicopods

White Fox nicopods are thoughtfully designed for easy and discreet use. By simply placing the pouch between their gums and upper lip, users can enjoy a satisfying nicotine experience as the active substance spreads effortlessly, without the need to bite or suck on the pouch. The White Fox range, featuring White Fox Peppered Mint, provides a straightforward yet effective approach to indulging in a gratifying nicotine experience.

Buying White Fox Snus and Nicotine Pouches Online

For those looking to buy nicotine pouches online, White Fox products are widely available through various online retailers. With options like White Fox Peppered Mint, White Fox Double Mint, and White Fox Black Edition, customers in the USA and around the world can easily purchase and experience the unique flavors and strengths of White Fox snus.

Embracing White Fox’s Innovative Design and Packaging

White Fox not only focuses on the quality and flavor of its nicotine pouches but also pays attention to the design and packaging. The sleek and modern design of White Fox tins reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and progress, making it a visually appealing choice for users.

White Fox’s Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement

White Fox maintains high standards for its products by actively focusing on quality and continuous improvement. With a limited but expertly crafted range of flavors, White Fox ensures that each product meets the needs of its customers, providing a satisfying and enjoyable experience for all users.


Nicotine, Filler(E460), Xanthan Gum(E415), Agent (E1520), Acidity Regulator (E500), Natural Flavors