XR Catch Slim White Mint Portion Snus

XR Catch Mint Slim White Portion Swedish Snus

Best before date 29/09/2022 – very well preserved

9 mg/g
0.8 g
6.49 6.49 € per can (you save 0 €)


XR Catch Slim White Mint, by Swedish Match, comes in slim portion format for that well known comfortable feeling under your lip and the added discretion you can expect from a slim pouch and all the snus you can expect from a regular portion. The aroma that hits you as soon as you open a can of XR Catch Slim White Mint Portion is a refreshing and mentholated peppermint. Subtle notes of eucalyptus and cedarwood add an interesting facet to the flavor profile. All these flavors complement the mellow tobacco taste quite beautifully. The XR line are all slim and white and provide you with an extended release of flavor, thanks to the dry white pouch, so you can enjoy longer lasting deliciousness. XR Catch Slim White Mint is an affordable quality snus and comes in at regular nicotine strength. Order your can today!